Trump: The Art of the Insult



A new documentary shows exactly how Donald Trump took the White House. Read Review

Mark Tapson, Frontpage Magazine

Literally, you can't stop laughing! I recommend The Art of the Insult, an incredible film by an extraordinary documentarian.

Roger Stone,

The Art of the Insult provides an entertaining insight into the genious of Trump and why he won.

David Horowitz, David Horowitz Freedom Center

Now I understand how Trump won the Presidency — most entertaining political film ever!

Dr. Jerome Corsi,

The Art of the Insult is the best way to understand the Trump phenomenon, highly recommended!

Lionel Chetwynd, Hollywood Director

Cinéma vérité at its finest, endlessly entertaining, and for all but the willfully blind, hugely instructive. Read Review

Lloyd Billingsley, Frontpage Magazine

It arrived yesterday (super-fast!) and we watched it immediately. WE LOVE IT!! SUPERB!! We laughed and enjoyed every minute of this movie! Thank You!!!